About Us

Who we are?About Us

PHPDots is one of the IT solution providers that has skyrocketed in growth amongst its peers within a short tenure of its establishment. Founded in 2017, the company has been pretty clear in its vision and mission – the best of technologies woven into making a professional website which is secure and pretty!


Jitendra, the founder of PHPDots, holds a degree in Engineering. Though he began his career as a junior web developer in a private company, his foresightedness always triggered him to do something of his own. During his professional career at private companies, he started practicing big data handling which always enthralled him.

While having an intense experience of 12 years in LAMP environment, Jitendra was keen to observe that most of the IT service providers overlooked securities while building websites for their clients. Though he left no stone unturned in taking care of security and privacy for the clients’ project he had, soon he learned that the better idea was to have a startup that would utterly focus on the two S’es

We Serve the bestOur Core Value


We trust our employees as well as clients. By providing quality service and timely delivery at affordable rate we gain trust from our clients.


We respect our employees as well as clients. where employee feel respectful and achieve work life balance.


We are passionate about our client’s success and latest technologies which help us to serve our client effective and efficient work.


You get your customers a reason to buy a product or avail your services. PHPDots just does it; with its professional.

We Searve the bestThe two S’es

PHPDots has been rooted in two grounds security and speed –the two S’es. The company handpicks software programmers who don’t compromise on the security and speed while developing websites. At PHPDots, we have access to licensed tools to build marvelous websites, and we rigorously check under robust Q&A before delivering them to our clients.

Aimed at developing secure websites, we differ in many ways from our peers. In fact, PHPDots Technologies portrays ‘security and speed’ as their two flagship approaches to developing personal and professional websites.

PHPDots believes in developing an ever-lasting relationship with its clients. You can bank on us for developing mesmerizing, feature-rich, result-oriented, and secure websites of any kind.