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CakePHP – The Widest Range Of Web App Services By PHPDots


In today’s contemporary world, anything that has more flexibility and features wins the race. Similarly, in the world of technologies, CakePHP is an apple of all eyes. Whether experienced PHP developers or entrepreneurs, CakePHP is a preferred platform to build corporate websites to stand out of the crowd and reach newer heights in all business verticals.

PHPDots masters in CakePHP and its related tools. Compatible with both PHP4 and PHP5, the technology offers a myriad of components, mind-blowing readymade templates, and quality extensions that ultimately results in lowering down the costs and shortens the delivery time.



Unlike other PHP development companies in India, PHPDots focuses on the business objectives defined by our esteemed clients. The biggest plus point of our company is that you can hire PHP programmers at affordable rates, but you don’t compromise on quality. Furthermore, our sleeves are always up for any sort of complex projects in CakePHP.

Our CakePHP developers are all eyes and ears when it comes to using the latest technology of PHP frameworks. With enormous support from open source community, we can render the best IT solution for your business requirements. The widest range of CakePHP solutions are available for following industries –


  • Healthcare and medical
  • Finance and banking
  • Retail and FMCG
  • Entertainment and music
  • Sports and fitness
  • Logistics and transports
  • Legal and attorneys
  • eCommerce and portals
  • social media or corporate websites

Though we have our hands on all PHP technologies, our forte includes CakePHP and its related tools. We can develop unparalleled solutions to following CakePHP web development –


  • personal and professional web development
  • portal or forum development
  • CakePHP Ajax shopping carts
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Third party integrations without any hassles

We are proud to exhibit that we handpick the best talent from the market and deploy them on quality projects. PHPDots’ CakePHP teams contain experienced and certified PHP developers who master the technology.

Their sharp skills of learning newer technologies and methods keep them ahead to rest of the PHP developers you find elsewhere. In addition, we have customized PHP developers’ hiring models which means that according to the budget you set, we can get you the best CakePHP resources without affecting the quality.

You can contact us and discuss CakePHP projects. We also have an expert’s team for business and technology who can assist you to get the best quotation that not only suits your budget but also opens up the door of long-lasting business relationship with us.



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