Case Study of Sports Portal

The winning combination of PHP and MySQL to build an unparalleled portal for sports lovers



A powerful fool proof portal is the core of a mammoth portal of massive community interest like sports. Sport is a genre with no boundaries in genders and ages. Hundreds of thousands of people are involved in sports either directly or indirectly. A wonderful thought of building a sports portal was born in a few entrepreneurs, and they did not want to leave any stone unturned for the project.

PHPDots is one of its own kinds of PHP development company with its clientele based worldwide. Since the company has successfully bagged several such projects, the project of building a powerful yet user-friendly sports portal arrived on the floor as no surprise.

Upon asking that why PHPDots was chosen for the project, we learned that our full-fledged PHP development services and dedicated after-sales customer support were the main benefits considered while giving away the bid.

Our in-house business and technology consultants were swift enough to understand the requirements. The project looked pretty simple, but the client’s demands were unique.

Introduction to the client

The clients were young entrepreneurs who loved sports. Not only sports has been their passion, but they wanted to build a robust yet friendly platform where people from all over the world gather, discuss and share their ideas on the common interest called ‘sports.’


The clients had a raw idea of sports portal. With the help of business and technology consultants (BTC) at PHPDots, their picture was made clear. After having rounds of meetings on weekdays and weekends, all were brought on the same board of having a sports portal with mind-blowing features like no other.

The very first objective set was to gather and present all sort of sports information in the simplest yet unique way. Also, the even broadcasting and integrating eCommerce into sports portal was thought as an added advantage. The best part of the portal was that it was built keeping no bar in the age groups.

Initially, the project was restricted to a national level, and it included sportspersons, organizers, fans, media, and sports vendors. The events included that of neighborhood, towns, cities, and state levels.

The hurdles

With every complex thought comes impediments, and this project was not spared. The biggest hurdle was ‘the cost.’ Without having a second thought, our BTC (business and technology consultants) advised the clients to go for an open source software solution for sports portal. While the clients were worried about the quality of having a free source, our programmers and experts ensured that the sports portal would not only catch everybody’s eyeballs, but it will also retain the visitors boosting its value on the World Wide Web.

Another major concern of the clients was the portal’s competency. Again, our programmers and market analysts asked the clients to bank on their market research and experience. After showing a couple of designs that PHPDots had built for MNCs, the clients were taken into confidence before the project kick-started.

The teamwork

After having a green signal from the client, agendas of a couple of urgent meetups were sent to the stakeholders including the clients. Developers along with business and technology consultants prepared a roadmap of the project and discussed feasibilities to transform the ideas into features of the portal.

Special focus on the end users

Our marketing gurus and SEOs (search engine optimizers) walked an extra mile to redefine user experience. Keeping ergonomics and human’s natural behavior in mind, all the wireframes and designs were developed. Special attention was paid to allure customers onto the site and pleasing the bots at the same time. At the end, the portal looked eye-catching and it also met the rudiments of contemporary search engine optimization.

Building blocks

Behind the sports portal lie powerful tools and technologies of all kinds. As we master PHP technology, our programmers and designers fetched the best possible features from every nook and corner of PHP platform.

  • A winning blend of PHP and other open sources web standards such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML were the pillars to build the mighty web.
  • The content management system is at server side, and therefore it had to be ‘hulk’ enough to bear the weight of enormous data. Drupal was the unanimous choice, and it proved it!
  • Configurable templates made rendering modules flow seamlessly. As a result of it, integration and content management never had any hassles.
  • Queries and results were synchronized using minimal codes as we knew more complexity in codes would only add more perplexity!
  • PHP based web apps were embedded along with Flash to ease AV signals and bring smooth streaming to the end users.

The unparalleled features

A one-stop sports portal had to have some mind-blowing features in order to stand out from its peers. A big round of survey questions across social media was run among sports enthusiasts asking their choices and anticipations from a portal. The survey contributed to producing marvelous core features of the portal that became hit right from the launch. The features to list –

  • Live sports events broadcasting
  • Sports magazines to keep people up to date
  • Individual profiles and interests of a user
  • Coaching places and recruitments
  • Wiki-type information on every player registered
  • High definition photos of players and events
  • Online sports merchandise and stores of other kinds
  • Fundraising option (added later)

The force behind the portal

A myriad of tools and technologies played a crucial role in keeping the portal up and running. Here is the list of all because of what the portal soon became an apple of all eyes –

  • Powerful content management software
  • Robust and super-secure database
  • The ergonomically designed interface of the portal
  • Easy access and navigation flow
  • Foolproof access control
  • Seamless rendering of media, flashes, and banners
  • Mesmerizing eCommerce catalogs of merchandises
  • Live streaming
  • PHPDots’ never-tiring customer support

Criticality handling

The success of any portal depends on criticality handling as this is where most of the online portals fail to provide an instant healing patch. With the help of PHPDots’ magnificent support, the sports portal could achieve such flawlessness in maintaining its up time. Here are a few non-functioning yet critical moments that we took care of.

  • Scalability to expand, shrink, or improve in future
  • Huge traffic that was unexpected
  • False bots’ logins
  • Spamming comments and feedback
  • Malware of all kinds

The solution was built by PHPDots where innovation professionally meets the talent. Using licensed tools, our developers and visionary designers made things simpler yet outstanding. The result was noteworthy as the client happily made us their all-time partner for IT solutions.