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About The Project

Seekmi - Online Home Service System Management

From the Seekmi application customer can add order for Disinfection, AC, Cleaning, Laundry, Electronic, Handyman, Plumbing service so customer can get right vendor with right price. So, Customer get best job and vendor can also get orders. In seekmi platform vendor can able to register and get orders. Also, it’s hard to do manually work to assign the job to vendors. Ang get the review from customer.

App Features

As per client's need PHPDots has developed

App Features

  • Customer can create orders for Disinfection, AC, Cleaning, Laundry, Electronic, Handyman, Plumbing service
  • Customer can able to see what is the job status like vendor has accept the order, they are on the way to job location and start work etc.
  • Customer can make payment via transfer or cash & Able to add review for vendor work
  • Vendor can See job details like what type of job it is and can see job location
  • Order will notify to the particular geo located vendors and interested vendor can accept the job
  • Vendor can accept or reject the job with remark
  • Vendor can change job status and get payment online.
  • Admin can monitor daily orders & give support to vendor as when needed

Admin Features

  • Monitor daily orders from what customer order came and which location along with service and job location.
  • Manage Vendor details like which service they provide and which location.
  • Manage Customer details like address what type of customer and many more.
  • Manage Services details like what information we need from customer and what is the price for that service.
  • Vendor support team can help and teach the vendor so he can get more jobs.
  • Also give support to customer regarding the payment or in any escalation for not satisfied work.
  • Admin can monitor transactions.


Assign job to nearest best vendor in real time. In this case we need to enter geo location so when customer place an order then this order will be notified to particular region. If in case vendors from this particular region are accepting the job in particular time period then this job is notified to more vendors in bigger region and so on to the third time. Example, when one client post a job than initially it is notified to the vendors who are in 10KM sphere region from the job location, if not a single vendor accept this order in particular time then this job is notified to the 20KM sphere region and so on to the third page. If no one from the third step accept the job then it is notified to the customer and close the order.  So managing the job in particular region and time period in real time is very challenging.

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How We Work

The solution represents a full-featured web application and Mobile application for customer and vendor both. So, customer can able to order any time with preferred vendor and date time. And he will get the best vendor. Also, vendor can able to accept the job based on their convent time. Website is developed on Laravel and mobile app is developed on ionic platform for iOS and android. powered by a variety of advanced technologies.

The solution has a real-time synchronization with both customer and vendor

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