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Today, in the internet driven era Businesses understand the value of quality assurance and software testing. Manual testing is the best way to find out flaws in a software application. Cost-effective and high-quality manual testing of software, apps and devices is very reliable and is more likely to detect real user issues.

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We have extensive experience in the software QA manual testing, leveraging battle-tested manual testing techniques to ensure product is tested comprehensively. We continuously enhance our expertise by adopting new tools and modern software testing approaches. Here is a glimpse into how we test software:

Manual Testing for Mobile

We have deep experience in testing mobile applications on all platforms and the most common devices. Our specialists can effectively test and prepare your product for the next testing stages.

Manual Testing for Web

We test functionality, usability, security, and other aspects by applying the latest manual testing techniques. Trust manual QA testing to our skilled testing specialists to be confident in the high-quality of your web apps.

Manual Testing for Desktop

QA manual testing has many advantages, one of those is flexibility in setting data and checking the results during the testing process. We offer quality manual software testing services for your desktop applications for the best result.

We are working on different types of testing:

Black Box Testing
Black box testing is a testing technique where QA testers need to conduct manual testing without seeing the internal code structure. At the same time, software testers don’t need to know about internal paths within the software or its implementation details.
Black box testing specializes in evaluating if a software matches the specifications and requirements given by the user. Therefore, testers will only focus on the inputs and output of application without considering its internal structure.

White Box Testing

Opposite of black-box testing is white boc testing. QA has knowledge of internal design, structure and codebase of the project to conduct manual testing. Contrary to black-box testing, the code is visible to software manual testers in white box testing.
Instead of focusing on the functional requirements of the application, white box testing is used to verify the flow input and output. The purpose of this type of software testing is to improve the design and usability of the application while strengthening its security.


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PHPDots Technologies, being a Software development and QA testing Company in India, extends the Manual and automated testing services for various domains, offering exclusive, feasible, and effective solutions by leveraging our vast industry experience.

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