PHPDots technologies has a great and stable infrastructure for smooth operations for development environment and communication. Our infrastructure facility help us to deliver high performance.

  • Internet line

    300 MBPS

  • High grade machines for the engineers

    Quad-Core Intel® i5®

    3.16 GHz, 12 GB RAM

  • Etherne network

    100/1000 MBPS

    Layer 2-switched intranet

  • High grade server

    Quad-Core Intel® Xeon®

    3.16 GHz, and 64 GB RAM

Shared UPS for all team and centralized UPS for servers.

Backup for the whole facility with automatic line interactive switchover

Up to 5 test machines and approximately 50 user machines, all equipped with OS combinations needed for testing apart from individual testing machines.

Several UNIX/Linux boxes, Windows operating systems and a few Macintosh machines form part of our test lab.

  • Video Conferencing facilities.

    Live video conferencing facility has become a for clients - not just amongst large international companies but small and mid-size companies too

  • BitBucket – A Cloud storage for data so it can be accessible 24/7

    Your code at secure cloud and available 24*7, approve code review more efficiently with pull requests. Create a merge checklist with designated approvers and hold discussions right in the source code with inline comments.