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Delivering Secure Web Development Solutions

As a Secure Web Development Company, we convey the best security for the security services to clients. We know how terrible it is to have a website without a secure code; as a result of lack of security, your site can be hacked.

Various Web Application Development is hacked these days as 75% of sites are powerless against the hack. Secure Web Development is essential as it provides authentication while sharing data, and with SSL certification, you are helping Google crawl your website and rank it up.

As the best Website Development Company, we use GTP and HTTPS designation that proves visitors that your website has been verified as authentic.

Benefits Of Secure Web Development

PHPDots, as a Secure Web Development Company in India, is capable of delivering high-quality and secure web solutions and web applications. Besides, our experienced developers build exquisitely robust, reliable, and custom-made solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  • A secure website requires you to have an SSL secure website.
  • A secure website helps to protect sensitive data from prying eyes.
  • With an SSL secure website, google ranking will improve.
  • Executing reliable and safe coding and vulnerability scanning.
  • It helps to gain a customer’s trust.
  • It enhances website SEO and conversation.
  • It will avoid unwanted litigation.

Why Choose PHPDots As Your Secure Web Development Solution Provider?

Comprehensive Design Analysis
Comprehensive Design Analysis

Comprehensive web design analysis from PHPDots provides you the latest tools supported accurate and required analysis, manually checked, and relevant by our dedicated team of tech geeks.

Attractive Website Design
Attractive Website Design

When it comes to secure web development, the design should not be ignored, as it is crucial for any business website. Our web designs will help users not think long to decide whether your website is visually appealing.

Quick response
Quick Response

When a client is in demand, one should response quick and accurate. As a website design company, one should not play round the clock or wait for the right time to streamline the process.

On-Time And On-Budget
On-Time And On-Budget

By providing website development and other relevant services for a long time, we are dedicated to delivering projects on time. We work in an organized way by determining the project’s scope, creating a budget, and stick to it.

Search-Friendly Design
Search-Friendly Design

Our developers update themselves regularly with Googles’ algorithm and the latest technology. It helps us to provide SEO friendly design that engages customers online and help you to rank your site in Google.

Integrated Design
Integrated Design

To engage your visitors, we build drop-down menus and calls to action to get them directly on requirements filling. Users can efficiently navigate from one page to another and know exactly what’s on a particular page.

We Create Experiences
We Create Experiences

With every project, we create experiences, and as a Website Development Company, primarily for Secure web development, we deliver services that make value. Our team helps create the best experience for you with feature-rich, simple, and result-driven solutions.

The Process To Build Secure Web Solution

Requirements gathering

Requirements Gathering

Once we get in touch with you, our team collects the project’s data as it is a crucial step in web development. Our experienced and skilled project manager will understand the requirements and following the same, we plan for further stages.

Secure Hosting

Secure Hosting

Here, we provide you secure hosting options, as each plays its role in offering a unique advantage that can improve your site. The degree of security may vary, and we will help you understand each in detail on whether they have features like firewall (WAF) and denial-of-service (DDoS) protection.

Right Content Management System

Right Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) helps you manage your business data and smoothen your internal operations. We provide customized CMS solution ed for the website to manage entire business content with advanced data protection.

Manage Add-ons and Plugins

Manage Add-ons And Plugins

Plugins and add-ons will improve the overall web experience for your visitors. Unmanaged and plenty of them can slow your site down, and no one wants to wait if the website takes more time to response. Regular add-on and plugin measures will help to reduce the likelihood of out of order extras.

Set up Automatic Backups

Set Up Automatic Backups

When developing a secure website, it takes efforts, and several automatic backups are a must. To avoid any server failure or circumstances that lead to destroying data, we provide backup systems that are excellent and save for reviving your company’s website documents.

Include a secure sockets layer certificate

Include A Secure Sockets Layer Certificate

For secure web development, the key is to include SSL certification. For safe and healthy transactions over other networks, businesses online are a critical feature to secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates to guard online transactions.

Set aside testing time

Set Aside Testing Time

Once all the above phases are completed, we process with the right way of testing. It asks for proper website structure and security measures. To get through any lingering instability, which may be delayed, can be solved while testing.

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