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Sphinx Integration

Sphinx Integration

We integrate Sphinx search with eCommerce websites or other high-volume data websites to provide users with optimized search functionality.

With an open-source full-text search engine of Sphinx, PHPDots find the most relevant results at blindingly-fast indexing speed and make for you to get the best possible outcome. Advanced Sphinx Consulting at PHPDots measures the full-text documents for the search query and performs exact results with maximum relevancy.

Our Sphinx Search Solutions combine seamlessly with your enterprise website or app to present outstanding search functionality.

Here Are Some Of The SPHINX Integration Services We Provide

We help organizations influence Sphinx Developpement features by adding it as a module with MYSQL and PostgreSQL databases or regular text scans for different databases.

  • The best way is to incorporate our code into your application and in Sphinx. We can build up those private customizations as well.
  • We would prioritize creating features required, with unsurprising time gauges, clear expectations, and even a restricted guarantee.
  • We convey upgraded contributions, enhance execution, improve looking through quality.
  • Search is a complex subject, and for business, it may not be possible quickly to have the specific, explicit aptitude required; we provide complete SPHINX.
SPHINX Services we provide

Why Choose PHPDots As Your SPHINX Development Service?

Custom Development
Custom Development

We calibrate Sphinx arrangement according to your application necessities, and various significance capacities allow to change search quality.

Control Search Results
Control Search Results

At PHPDots, we help you boost a specific product by making it rank higher than others for direct offering the queries with our Sphinx Developpement.

Support For WordSynonyms
Support For Word Synonyms

We coordinate a great Sphinx search solution that gives functional outcomes by looking for equivalents from the client’s question.

Search Result Caching
Search Result Caching

Recruit Sphinx search designers to assemble a solution that stores list items by Magento to accelerate the recurrent quests.

Get the benefits of the best SPHINX development service from PHPDots.

The Benefits Of Choosing SPHINX Technology


SQL Database Indexing

Sphinx allows access and file information from all stockpiling motors, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, SQLite, Oracle, Drizzle, and others supporting ODBC.


Application Integration

We provide 3 APIs Sphinx, SphinxAPI for language uphold, SphinxSE – the capacity motor for MySQL, and SphinxQL for questioning in the standard MySQL customer library inquiry punctuation.

Application Integration

Faceted Search

Leveraging the vast Sphinx experience with faceted search capabilities, PHPDots utilizes Sphinx for an eCommerce PC tool shop. We actualized the faceted pursuit on characteristics like brand, type, reason, screen goal, lattice, askew, HDD limit, SSD limit, and so forth.


Distributed Searching

In Sphinx, the look is appropriated over many machines to empower flat scaling and high accessibility of looked through information.


Non-Text Attributes

Indeed, even non-text ascribes can be put away in the record for simple recovery and proficient hunt by the clients in the Sphinx motor.