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Lamp Development

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The acronym of LAMP refers to Linux as an OS, Apache as a web server, MySQL as a system to manage data, and PHP as a medium to program and build quality software solution slack that runs dynamic web servers. The best part of theLAMP is it is an open source software technology and thus, pretty affordable. LAMP service by PHPDots is one of the flagship services of the company.

Being a client-centric company, PHPDots also includes Python, Perl, and other languages asLAMPto provide better IT solutions. Best LAMP solutions by PHPDots thus ensures that you leverage all the advantages of an open source programming framework.

Lamp Development Lamp Development services

Under the label LAMP, PHPDots brings you ultimate benefits that help achieve a business goal. Here is the list of LAMP development benefits:

Lamp Services
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Standard of coding PHP and MySQL is maintained

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Open source framework coding – affordable yet quality

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Stack deployment is easierthan ever before

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Reduced processing and developing time

With great inbuilt features and one of its own kinds of model-view-controller architecture, the technology creates high value for web developers. Our dedicated Laravel developers master in this technology to get you an unparalleled IT solution meeting your business needs.

We Serve the bestPHPDots LAMP development services

Irrespective of the scale and dynamic requirements, whether your need is to develop a powerful eCommerce portal, highly sellable business app, CMS, back-end data management, or enhanced networking system, LAMP development services by PHPDots serves as a one-stop solution.

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  • Check GreeneCommerce or eCatalogue development
  • Check LightblueCommunity or social media portals
  • Check GreenBusiness to Business or Business to Customer solutions
  • Check LightblueWarehouse management systems
  • Check GreenCRM, Logistic, or Supply Chain management systems
  • Check LightblueAll sorts of MySQL and PHP development
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We Serve the bestLAMP Solutions

The time and cost saving advantages of LAMP development by PHPDots prove it to be the best IT solutions for all sorts of industries. Hundreds of clients from all over the world have approached PHPDots for developing hotel booking systems, payment gateways, shipping systems, XML data feed, real estate systems, and online community portals.

Contact us to hire quality LAMP development experts for various business verticals. By having the project done by PHPDots, you are set with your automated solutions.