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Written in C++ Sphinx is a powerful full-text search server which is based on an open source platform. The search is aimed at providing utterly relevant searches with an ease of integration on alegacy to contemporary systems. Sphinx works on Linux, MacOS, Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris, and other popular systems. PHPDots offers a full-fledged Sphinx-based commercial services right from support for production to tailored development.

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PHPDots is pioneer in providing customized solutions for Sphinx Search for your business or personal need. Sphinx search experts at our company provide best search results customized to your business goals.

Performance and scalability of Sphinx Search

  • Mind-blowing indexing: the search indexes up to 15 MB/sec for every single CPU core which is again over 60 MB/sec a server
  • Powerful search: Sphinx scans through 1,000,000 documents that have over 1 GB text collection. Searching over 500 queries/second on a simple dual core machine with merely RAM of 2 GB
  • Superbly scalable: over 25 billion documents are indexed by Sphinx cluster that results in data of 9+ TB. Craiglist, the busiest cluster, serves over 3000 million search queries every day.

Mind-boggling features of Sphinx

  • SQL database index: Sphinx has accessing and indexing capability stored anywhere including Oracle, SQL, and MySQL, Dizzle, SQLite, or anything supporting ODBC
  • Non-SQL store index: known as XMLpipe, a simple XML format, the data is streamlined in an easy way
  • Relevant ranks: Sphinx is unique in a way that it does not depend on a three-decade ranking system. Instead, it adds analysis keywords proximity to get you better search results.

Professional Sphinx services by PHPDots

  • Production support for priority bug fixing

The uniqueness of Sphinx search is that according to your app needs, Sphinx can be fine-tuned with a myriad of features of text processing. Also, with astack of magnificent functions, you can also tweak the quality of the search.