Top trending ideas for mobile app development in 2022

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  • Date: February 10, 2022
Top trending ideas for mobile app development in 2022

Pot 2020, there has been a significant change in the socio –economic sphere of the whole world. The lockdowns, restrictions and shutdowns has affected various spheres of human activities across the nations. It has affected the way we used to live our life, engage in professional activities as well as leisurely time. On one hand it has created several challenges, on the other hand it has opened up several opportunities for problem solvers and solution providers. During the pandemic, information and technology industry has been immensely helpful for people and made several aspects of living life, starting from ordering essential stuff online, booking a vaccination appointment to consult a doctor online. Along with the prior benefits of internet and computer, the smart phone has also become a very useful tool in the last two year. According to the key findings of a study conducted Cyber Media Research in 2020 “There is nearly a 39 per cent increase in smartphone usage from 2019.” While there could be different ways to see this info, meaningful use of smartphones certainly has its positive impacts and many businesses have actually grabbed these opportunities and catapulted their revenues manifold.   In this article we shall discuss some of these ideas which still hold great potential and entrepreneurs and businesses may find these ideas interesting to launch their customized app to tap the opportunities.

1. Mobile application for education

Due to lockdown, there has been restrictions in movements of people. It has affected the way of normal educational processes. In this situation an interactive app can be very beneficial for a particular niche of students. Be it learning a language, or understanding basics of biology or chemistry, illustrations along with basic information and the option to connect to a tutor for personalized help can be of great help to students Not only an app can open up avenues for the students for faster learning, it can also help the teachers to save time and connect to the prospective students from the comfort of their home. It will save time, energy, money and also open up income streams for eligible tutors. Apart from formal education, a DIY informative app can be helpful for students of all age from various walks of life.

2. An app for doctors consultation

Though there are many such apps available for consulting a doctor online, there still remain a huge gap in demand and supply Though a very technical area and may require compliance which is subjected to different rules of regulations across the world, a properly done app can help a lot of people across the world and help healthcare workers to properly utilize their time as well as open up multiple avenues of revenue generation the healthcare industry.

3. An app for household help

In specific geographies household help is very difficult to avail and even if they avail it there is no systematic approach towards the quality of help, trustworthiness of the providers and lack of transparency when it comes to costs of accessories used in household services. An app which addresses these issues can be very useful in these times.

4. An app for grocery and essentials supply

It’s a general perception that the grocery sector is dominated by big players like Amazon, Walmart, Spar, 7 eleven ,Reliance, Aldi,  etc. However the reality is  different. In developing countries till more than 90 % groceries are bought through local retailers. For a small scale super market chain or even a local retailers providing quality items and services such as timely delivery and price stability can get immense boost from an online mobile app.

5. An app for gardening

As more and more people spending considerable time at their homes without much cope to engage in a recreational activities after the working hours, gardening is a space where tremendous opportunities lie and an app which addresses various issues of home gardening can be very interesting for the people and be a great idea to launch an app around it.

6. Real Estate apps with AI and VR

Real estate has been an interesting sector which has always been appreciating an asset and in a developing and populous country, there is always interest shown in investing opportunities in real estate. However there are not man apps which address the current issue of restrictions , such a visiting the properties personally. Hence using AI and VR, an interested party can have a near real feel of the property and can save a lot of time to shortlist properties he might be interested in.

There can be several other ideas which can hold a lot of potential to build a unicorn company. However we have done our research and found these popular trends and the possibility of making an app in these spheres. At PHPdots we are very particular about ideation and developing user-friendly apps. We have laid down policies and procedures for a comprehensive approach towards a successful app. Our team comprises of experienced project managers, business consultants, marketing experts, web designers , UX and UI experts and developers in various technologies and languages.

If you find any of the above ideas interesting and want to launch your mobile app to tap in to unlimited opportunities, please contact us.


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