Why you should consider Vue.JS framework for App development in 2022

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  • Date: May 6, 2022
Why you should consider Vue.JS framework for App development in 2022

In today´s world everyone is using a smartphone.  Whether it is a iOS device or android device, apps are connecting people with people and various spheres of life such as work, leisure, self care health, money etc. Businesses in the 21st century have identified this trend and developed applications that would easily capture the attention of their customers and end users. Billions of dollars are being spent on web and application development each year and this has become a continuing trend over the past two decades.

There are various technologies and languages which are being deployed to develop applications.  Some of the popular programming languages for application development are kotlin (called as official android app development language) , Java ( Kotlin replaced Java from earlier times as the preferred programming language for android app) , C++ , C# , Python etc.  Similarly there are a number of mobile app development framework available. Vue.Js is one of the popular front end JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces and single page applications.

Why Vue.JS

Over the past few years Vue.Js has emerged as one of the most popular JavaScript framework. One may ask why ? The reason is its open source, learning curve is easy, and the streamlined framework has made it easy to adopt among the developers.

Lets understand a bit about Vue.JS

Developers consider Javascript as a robust beast , however, the ecosystem which encloses JS, is much more important then the programming language itself. Due to the complexities involved, the frameworks and libraries make the life the developers much easier. Vue.JS is one such framework. If we consider JavaScript as alphabets, Vue.JS can be easily compared to a phrasebook which helps developers to construct intelligent sentences.

Originally Vue.JS was developed to take best parts of Angular and build custom tools around it. However, eventually it evolved as an open source progressive framework that can be adopted incrementally. As the core libraries are focussed on view layers only, this framework is capable of powering sophisticated apps that are single page.

Why is it so popular ?

Vue.JS is popular because of several reasons and lately it has replaced React.Js to be gain the trending fashion.

  • Its light-weight
  • Not very complicated, doesn’t take a lot of brain to use it
  • IN the past 6 years its post release it has accumulated powerful set of tools ( such as its own browser, plug-in installation system, unit and end to end testing, and more)
  • Active and supportive community built around Vue.JS
  • Without rerendering the entire DOM, Vue.JS figures out which elements need updating using a virtual copy of the DOM
  • Twofaced : As it inherited the two way data binding from its parent Anuglar it easily communicates between the user interface view and the model data updates.
  • In VueJS, each piece of a web page or app is expressed as a component, an encapsulated element of the user interface. These can be written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without having to divide them into separate files. Because of this flexibility, VueJS is able to integrate with almost any existing application.

The advantages are endless and there are some disadvantages also, though the benefits outweigh the shortcomings. Due to its functionality and easy to use and adopt features it has emerged as a popular framework and continues to enjoy the favour of the developers.

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